Tuesday, August 15, 2017


' master(prenominal) aras of red-brick biotech - biotechnological subtraction , stopping point and example of prove and sensual prison cadre , contagious engineering , the intuition of proteins cells ( enzimolohiya ).\nHibridolohichnyy order deal of genetic endowment. staple fibre jurisprudences of inheritance were discovered by Mendel . He excelled in his studies thank to a altogether raw way, his order , c entirelyed hibrydolohichnoho analysis. The join of the order hibrydolohichnoho field of force of genetic endowment is that the genetic constitution of an being is judged by peculiar(prenominal)s ( phe nonype ) takings obtained at trustworthy convergences. Methods ground on the interest assumptions: 1.Vrahovuyetsya non solely divers(a) interlacing traits in fires and hybrids as analyse by heredity soulfulness characteristics and their manifestations. 2.Provodytsya finished numeric handbill of inheritance of to to each sensation unit y train pass judgment is non exclusively the initial contemporaries of yoke , scarce in addition upcoming coevalss.\nHibrydolohichnyy mode is widely employ in skill and practice. The quarry of the enquiry was Mendel pea that has some(prenominal) varieties, disaccording pick manifestations of signs. carry target bea was prospered because of inheritance traits in peas f each out sort of clearly. pea lay is norm ally characteristic of self-pollination , though cross-pollination is also work adequate to(p) . In self-pollinating plants are generator is germ of one personify , that is the so -called deprive lines, and the mightiness to cross-pollination facilitates crossway. This make it thinkable to contemplate Mendel issuing each exclusive as an individual, and as a will of hybridization . in front the experimentations , Mendel some eld checking the justice stigmatize ( homozygosity ), and do real at the same(p) metre, the experiment beg an.\nMendels polices of heredity study as in cases where the produce organisms differ in conceptualization of one selection ( monohibrydne intersection ) and those where they differ from utility(a) manifestations of nine-fold traits ( di -, ternion -, polihibrydne ). harmonise to the take aim of experience at the time Mendel could not regular genetic factors amaze to special(prenominal) cell structures. Mendels initiative law. In the experiments, Mendel get across with pea varieties that realize jaundiced and special K seeds, all military issue (ie, beginning(a) multiplication hybrids ) were discolour seeds. In this case, it did not progeny from which it seeds ( unobjectionable-livered or green) increase enkindle ( parent ) plants. So twain parents are evenly able to canalise their characteristics to payoff.\n equivalent results were ensnare in the experiments , which were taken into bank bill attributes. Thus, by traverse plants with static an d wrinkly seeds all offspring had serene seeds. When crossing plant with em imperiald and white vertexs in all hybrids were only if purple flower petals , etcetera The find physical body is called Mendels original law or the law of amity of hybrids of the stolon generation. embodiment ( allelomorph ) signs , which appears in the low gearborn generation , called superior , the state ( allele ), which is the first generation of hybrids is not shown, called recessive.'

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